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A boat dock or wharf is an excellent investment for a home, increasing both the value and the functional and aesthetic uses for the homeowner and their family.  It can be great for family time, entertaining, or just relaxing on a beautiful day. People lucky enough to have a body of water and a boat surely would love a dock to maximize the usefulness of their amenities. As with any significant investment around the home, it is essential to ensure that, over time, proper dock maintenance and repair take place. Otherwise, these great features can become a nightmare. The professionals at a boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services or boat dock, pier and wharf repair services business will help prevent that from happening.

While consumers generally can perform basic maintenance and cleaning of a boat dock, pier or wharf themselves, periodic treatment and maintenance by professionals can extend the life of a dock for many years or decades. Boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services and boat dock, pier and wharf repair services have the skills and equipment needed to perform the kinds of maintenance that most customers can’t do on their own. 



Routine maintenance is essential to maintaining the long-term viability and function of the dock. Boat docks, piers and wharves are significant investments, after all, and little preventative maintenance can help maximize the return on that investment. Boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services can perform inspections of the dock condition and recommend specific repair or maintenance actions to be undertaken. They can monitor the status of the materials, like wood – the most common – often can develop waterlogging, moisture damage, or other problems over time. Boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services can also analyze and determine if there has been any structural compromise, such as from boat impacts, weather/ice damage, or just normal wear and tore. They can also identify ground shifting or pier anchoring issues and fix them before they become catastrophic. 


In the case of issues that boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services might identify, but not be qualified to repair themselves, they will often have several boat docks, wharf, pier repair services that they can recommend, or perhaps even affiliated with one or more of these services. In general, proper maintenance services can handle minor, preventative repairs, but will refer consumers to the more specialized boat dock, pier and wharf repair services for more substantial damage or repair issues.



Boat dock, pier, and wharf repair services are usually the first choices when a consumer knows their boat dock, pier, the wharf has damage. It can include visible physical damage like missing planks, broken piers or moorings, shifted ground or anchor points. It can also include subtler forms of damage that require replacement of parts, such as dry rot, waterlogging or other environmental damage to the structure of the boat dock. In some climates, winter ice in the water can often build up and exert tremendous force on a boat dock, which can cause damage as well. Boat dock, pier, wharf repair services are familiar with and well-equipped to deal with most of these kinds of damage. In extreme cases, they may need to rebuild or restore the dock. However, in most cases, repairs tend to be relatively easy and minor and ensure continued function and use of the dock, pier or wharf without issues.


Choosing the right type of company for a given situation is essential, and reviews, photos, word of mouth are often the best way for consumers to make a final decision. However, understanding the differences between the boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services, and boat dock, wharf repair services helps consumers choose the right professionals to hire. In most cases, companies may offer both kinds of services and call like a boat dock, pier, and wharf repair and maintenance services. 



No matter which specific type of boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance service or boat dock, pier and wharf repair service is needed for a job, there are specific common maintenance problems that they will all come across. In brief, some of the most common types of maintenance and repair issues include:


Rotting wood – it is one of the most common types of boat dock, pier, and wharf issues. Generally monitored by consumers and inspected by the boat dock, pier and wharf maintenance services companies, rot or decay from the mold, waterlogging, dry rot or other environmental and aging factors can compromise the entire structure of a boat dock and make it unsafe to use. Fortunately, with preventative maintenance, these problems can prevent them from becoming severe. If they do, boat dock, pier, and wharf repair services can remove any damaged parts of a boat dock, pier, wharf and replace them with new, structurally sound parts.


Physical/structural damage – boat docks, pier and wharves naturally can take quite a physical beating over time. Between boat docking, people are walking/running on the surface and loading and unloading of cargo, and general climate and environmental considerations, it is no wonder that physical or structural damage can develop. Boat dock, pier, wharf repair services can fix all kinds of physical damage, whether it’s broken planks or edges from an over-zealous docking attempt, holes or missing pieces from a tree branch impact, or anything else.


Sinking/shifting ground – one of the dreaded and generally uncontrollable problems that can develop with boat docks or wharves is the sinking or shifting of the ground – either onshore or in the water – that can stress and damage the dock. Boat dock, pier, and wharf repair services companies can identify and remedy these problems. It can be done by re-anchoring the supports into the bed of the body of water, re-anchoring or adjusting the on-shore anchors, or by reinforcing or re-supporting the parts that have shifted or sunk, using backfill, concrete or stone supports, or other mechanisms.


Broken or damaged supports – over time, the critical pier supports (for semi-permanent installations) that are under the water can become broken or damaged. Boat impacts, ice, ground shifting, and other factors can lead to a compromise of these critical structural parts. Boat dock, pier, wharf and pier repair services have the tools and personnel to repair or replace these parts, without the need to rip out the entire boat dock and start over again from scratch. Often these repairs require underwater supervision and heavy equipment and are most definitely not recommended to perform by consumers themselves.


Damaged additional features – some simple repairs, on the other hand, maybe DIY for consumers, or may require the services from the boat dock, pier and wharf maintenance services or boat dock, pier, and wharf repair services. Damaged or broken additional features, like ladders, boat lifts, bumpers/tires, lighting, etc. Maybe something a consumer feels capable of fixing may require expert help or may need very specialized repair (this is especially true in the case of boat lifts). Regardless, pretty much anything that can go wrong with an additional feature, but it can be fixed – if not by the consumer, then by experts from the boat dock, pier and wharf maintenance services and boat dock, pier and wharf repair services.



In summary, both boat dock, pier, wharf maintenance services, and boat dock, pier, wharf repair services companies each have something to offer when it comes to a dock or wharf owner. 


Homeowners are advised to routinely clean and monitor their boat dock, pier or wharf to ensure it remains in the best condition. At least once a year, one should undertake a thorough survey, and consultation with a boat dock, pier and wharf maintenance, repair service, if necessary, to make repairs and maintain the boat dock, pier or wharf. If properly maintained, most well-built boat docks, piers and wharves will last a decade or more. The experts from the boat dock, pier and wharf maintenance, repair services companies can help maximize the useful life of a boat dock or wharf through preventative and reparative maintenance. A boat dock, pier or wharf is a great investment, and with proper care, it can provide years of function and fun for the whole family!